20141009-20141016 Japan : Tokyo-to Oota-ku 東京都大田区 - Tyre Park タイヤ公園

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Tyre Park タイヤ公園
Tyre Park タイヤ公園 is the nickname of Nishi-Rokugou Park 西六郷公園, where lots of tyres are used to make playground stuff. You can clearly see the park at the west side of the train when you are travelling on the JR Toukaidou Main Line 東海道本線 or JR Keihin-Touhoku Line 京浜東北線 between Kamata station 蒲田駅 and Kawasaki station 川崎駅.

The nearest train station is Zoushiki station 雑色駅 of Keikyu 京急電鉄 Main Line 本線.
Front entrance of Tyre Park タイヤ公園 (Nishi-Rokugou Park 西六郷公園) South part of the Tyre Park タイヤ公園 Tyre dinosaurs
The tyre dinosaur with back fins The tyre dinosaur without back fins North part of the Tyre Park タイヤ公園
The tyre robot The tyre pagoda