PHO's Tokyo Travel Page

This page is dedicated to Patrick Ho for his 1999 winter Tokyo trip.

All the below maps are :
* obtain from Mapion, with English caption written by me.
* in 500 x 500 pixel square, and each pixel represent 1 meter.
* in Top = North convention.

Daiba Area : Tokyo Joypolis (Theme Park), Decks Tokyo Beach (Mall), Fuji TV, Rainbow Bridge pho-db.gif
Shijuku Joypolis (Theme Park) at Takashimaya Time Square pho-sj.gif
Korakuen Yuenchi (Amusement Park) pho-kr1.gif
Snoopy Town (Theme Park/Shop) pho-hj.gif
Ultraman World (Exhabition) Sorry, I only know the gerenal area, but do not know the exact location, so no map.